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If you've got talent then it's time to get started! Photography with Eula Talent will get you noticed. Work with a top industry photographer. Get flawless full color prints. Put your best foot forward. Get in the door with top agents.

Don't wait! Set up a shoot today! Professional Photos are a must in the entertainment industry. Photos with Eula are top quality. We have hair and make-up artists on the set to help you look your best. You too can look fresh from the Hollywood Hills, right here in Atlanta!

Eula Talent, offers photography for actors, models, singers, performers and anyone who wants to look great in the business.

Every photo shoot includes:

Your composites and head shots act as your business card. They give information about you to agencies, audition judges, and casting directors. Having professional photos done says a lot about you and your commitment to developing your image in the business.

We offer different photo shoots for actors, models, singers, and performers of all types and ages:

Head Shots are a necessity for actors and singers. You'll need these photos at auditions and when you meet with national agents. Actors should provide these to casting directors as well.

Composite Cards are a modeling must! We want to show a range of your print potential. A Comp Card is a multi-panel display of your best looks, complete with your statistics and sizes.

Portfolios are crucial to the call back. Show your black and whites in a 9x12 size or digitally retouched color prints to seal your deal. We provide a sleek portfolio book with your prints, loads from the top and lays flat for easy flip-ability.

Our photo director is happy to plan your shoot today!
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How Do I Schedule a Shoot?

Call or come in today! It's easy to schedule your shoot. The fastest and easiest way to schedule is by phone 678.887.7188 and ask to speak with the photo director. A shoot can be scheduled with a phone, fax, and email address to save you a trip into midtown. If you'd like to come into the office to schedule, the photo director is happy to set up an appointment for convenience. We always welcome drop-ins.

Shoots are scheduled on Saturdays and/or Sundays. Time slots are available from early morning to late afternoon, on a first come basis. Photo shoots must be scheduled at least one week (7 days) in advance. Shoots fill quickly, often a month in advance. We recommend scheduling further in advance to accommodate your schedule best and guarantee an available slot.

Keys to a Successful Shoot

With Eula handling the details you can focus on what's important. Looking great! Here's how to prepare for a great shoot.

Focus on health!

Prep your wardrobe!

Be Authentic!

We Do Hair and Make-up!

Our beauty specialist will be available to handle all of your hair and make-up needs. Just come with clean hair (no gel or product or any kind) and a clean face (moisturizer only!) and we do the rest. If there is a special look you're interested in, let us know. It's your shoot. We want you to look fabulous.

Why Are Photos Important?

Every business has to advertise. If you've got talent for hire, then it's time to get noticed. Photo marketing is an easy way to distribute your image and information to as many agencies and casting directors as possible. When you do your photos with Eula, you'll get up to date information on the agencies right here in Atlanta. Getting some local work is a great way to expand your resume and get some exposure.

For acting and modeling students, your photos are your business card. You'll need to pass them out to agents and judges at auditions. You want your photos to be impressive. When you get signed with an agency, your agent might want to use those photos for a variety of reasons. Photos provide a convenient way to transport your image.

What's unique about Eula photos?

Fashion and entertainment photography is a specialized field. It is very different from any portraiture, school, or glamour photography you may have done. We are trying to capture your potential. And we bring in top industry professionals to assist you.

You'll be surprised how quickly the shoot goes. The goal is to capture emotions, raw beauty. There is no pose or smile that we're trying for. We want to show that you are in the moment, fun, and easy to work with. Look in magazines and examine the advertisements for examples.

Image Survey

Doing an image survey gives you the opportunity to plan your shoot, learn about your look, test out your wardrobe, and understand your market. Everyone brings something different to the entertainment industry. Your unique look is most likely a variation on one of the four major images agencies identify. Knowing where you fit can steer your shoot in a more marketable direction.