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Welcome to the world of
Eula Talent...

...a company that has been around for more than 5 years. Thousands of people have come through our doors, some interested only in feeling more secure when they had to speak in public, others with their eyes fixed on the distant hope of Stardom. Some came to improve their self-confidence with training in what used to be called "the Social Graces", and others signed wanting to learn more about theatrical and commercial acting.

Becoming a successful model or a respected actor is a lot of hard work, patience, persistence... and luck.

The good news is that as you train at Eula Talent, you will learn that the Entertainment Industry is much larger than you know. Given the right training, many satisfying opportunities and unique careers are accessible to you. Some of those opportunities are right in your own backyard.

The courses available at Eula Talent are designed to supplement your regular education, to help you develop the skills that are useful no matter what kind of career you choose

Children 4-7 / Preteen Ages 8-12

Teens Adults Ages 13-17

The "Singing Pro" workshops nurture the gifts and talents of aspiring singers and songwriters and brings them to a level of maturity and competitiveness for the exciting world of music entertainment.

Our mission is to excel each individual's natural talents and interest with a unique and distinctive mode of training. Artists will develop a strong sense of their musical self and strengthen their social skills through emotional development and stage presence. Each package has been designed to increase confidence and self esteem so that students can express his/her own personal creativity through this program. Eula Talent offers classes that covers the following:

So if you've ever thought about being a pop star, or an R & B artist or singing your way to Broadway call 404-877-1155 and find the Eula Talent school and class schedules in your area.

There's more to expressing yourself than just words. Our Professional Communications and Image Program is designed to develop your communications skills, build confidence and enhance your overall image. This life-enhancing program includes:

Communications Program Image Program

Call Eula Talent today for more information on the Corporate Communications Program. Personal programs as well as Company Presentations are available.

Students may come to Eula Talent for modeling and acting training, but we never forget to prepare them for their most important journey Life!

The "Modeling Programs" offered at Eula Talent are tailored to fit the needs and success of each individual. Some workshops, such as Runway, have a height requirement and should only be taken by those students that are at least 5'6 and have the potential for more growth. All modeling programs at Eula Talent are by invitation only. Modeling programs include:

The "Acting Programs" have become our most popular and successful programs offered at Eula Talent. Because the entertainment industry is open to all typecasts in the acting fields, this program can be taken by all ages, looks and sizes. Following are a few of the many courses offered at Eula for acting:

At Eula Talent, we are here to advise and encourage our students, and we are here to help you through those times when success isn't happening. One of the hardest things to accomplish, at the beginning, is getting an interview with an Agent. Most people don't even know the difference between an Agent and a Manager, but you will learn the important differences here at Eula Talent and be trained and ready for that first crucial audition. During your studies at Eula Talent you will meet professional agents and managers who assist us in the on-going evaluation of your skill level that is so critical to success. If casting director's doors are closed, our students can still meet these professionals at Eula Talent because that's the reputation we have built with the people who guard the gates of success.

The Entertainment Business depends on new faces and new talents.
Our job here is to teach you what it takes to be successful through training and practice.
It's up to you to do the work. We want you to be able to brag about the time you spend here.