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Adults 18+

Have you asked yourself, how did that person get so successful?


A. Self Esteem and Self Confidence
B. Image and Dressing
C. Public Speaking and Communications
D. Protocol and Social Etiquette

The answers is ALL OF THE ABOVE. And it can work for you too!

While Eula Talent has been discovering and developing new talent for movies, TV shows, commercials and modeling careers. It is only one of our specialties. We're extremely proud of our success in teaching personal development skills that will help you achieve more confidence, self-esteem, and personal satisfaction. Our graduates have used the tools learned at Eula Talent to succeed in college, on the stage, in boardrooms, and other professional endeavors.

Students may come to Eula Talent for modeling and acting training, but we never forget to prepare them for their most important journey... Life!

The "Modeling Programs" offered at Eula Talent are tailored to fit the needs and success of each individual. Some workshops, such as Runway, have a height requirement and should only be taken by those students that are at least 5,11 and proper physical build. All modeling programs at Eula Talent are by invitation only. Modeling programs include:

The "Acting Programs" have become our most popular and successful programs offered at Eula Talent because the entertainment industry is open to all typecasts in the acting fields, this program can be taken by all ages, looks and sizes. Here are a few of the many ten week courses offered at Eula for acting: